Early Life

He was a dreamer. He dreamt severally seeing himself preaching and teaching about the Scriptures at a very tender age of 8 which kept manifesting in his life. He will gather his peers and be preaching to them at home. His parent then noticed the call of God upon him.

He stayed in Ashaiman and went through school at Gethsemane Primary School and St. Mary’s International School. As brilliant as he was, he was promoted twice during his primary school days. He later gained admission to Tema Secondary School then the reality of life hit him hard. His father passed on. Friends were able to influence him into gambling and truancy because of lack of paternal discipline.

Later, he decided to learn a trade and got himself into apprenticeship at NETICS and graduated in 1997 as an Electronic technician. He could repair electronic gadgets and build amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, speakers etc. He was very good at his job. He owned a shop and had 5 apprentices...

He could not maintain the smooth running of the shop till he closed it down due to his addiction to gambling.

Personal Life

He got married to Miss Lardi Saru in the year 2002 and have been blessed with 5 children.


One day, he went to gamble again and lost all his money. When retuning home at 2am, he was attacked by a group of criminals but he managed to escape.

When he got home, he realized that God has delivered him from the hands of those criminals. A thought came to him that “if you had been killed by those robbers, would this be your end as a gambler”. He advised himself and quit gambling.

He therefore decided to reopen the shop but his disappointed customers will come after him so he decided to quit and look for a new job.

He eventually landed himself a lucrative job and was well to do.

In his quest for the truth and the undiluted word, he fellowshipped with many Churches. He eventually joined the Universal Church of Jesus after listening to their teachings and as a result, he became one of the pioneers of the Ashaiman – branch.

He kept having revelations about abandoning his job and doing the work of God. But he kept procrastinating until life was becoming unbearable. He had 2 serious surgeries which could take his life. Even on the sick bed he had the same message, he nearly got drown in the sea and it was a miracle, and lastly the recreational/game center he was building, collapsed and while blaming the masons, a voice came to him that the building is a church auditorium.


He quickly reconstructed it into the dimension which was revealed to him

Meanwhile, he was ordained as a pastor by Rev. Emmanuel Ababio Kimfull and also had received his Apostleship Certificate at Ecuminical Churches of Christian Communities- ECCC.

By the Grace of God the church was opened in 2018 by the late Apostle J. E. Nyarko, Rev. Alfred Affran, Rev. Emmanuel Ababio Kimfull, and others.

Music Ministry

Although there are a number of musicians in his family, music had been part of his calling as a gift.. His songs are usually revealed to him. He has a number of recorded songs with their respective music videos on social media and digital music stores.


He has compassion for humanity so much that, he has helped many people by employing them. He supports those who want to learn a trade and also supported many small businesses. He also assisted the less privileged through education, shelter and up keeping.


In reaching the larger audience with the gospel, he has embarked on an online teaching series. Theses teachings cover the hidden truth in the scriptures and the Quran which has caused controversies in this end time.

Later, he joined the Church of God - Roman Down and was very active in service especially in evangelism and dawn broadcasting and therefore appointed as an Elder. He contributed immensely towards the building of Church of God - Roman Down, now known as Rockville International Worship Center.

Women Fellowship (Church of God) presenting a Citation of Honour to Apostle Benjamin Anaman

Ministerial License - The Ecumenical Church of Christian Communities (ECCC)